Carrying a complete line of products from Repair Resins to complete systems. We service all types of systems, Can't find what you need for your current Repair Kit? Give us a call we will do our best to keep you up and running no matter what type of repair system you currently use. Classic Windshield Repair Systems offer only the best consumables and resins available on the market today. We offer 3 superior resins. Each designed to give you the best possible results in a specific application. Repair Resin (20 cps) for filling the break, Pit Resin (1600 cps) for capping the break and Crack Resin (600 cps) for filling long cracks that go to the edge of the windshield. Classic Repair Resins are ultra-strong and designed and formulated to deliver superior UV Resistance this means no yellowing. And as always at Classic Windshield Repair Systems you will always get the best price and great advice from a knowledgeable staff with years of real hands on experience.